The blessing of the wine; the blood Christ shed

GUADALAJARA, Jal. Mexico. August 14, 2019. (Berea International) – The authority of God, in the Apostle of Jesus Christ Naason Joaquin, has allowed the People of God to sit at the table of the Lord Jesus Christ on this day.

“This is the blessing that the Apostle of the Lord gives us, through his Authority, and this is the table that Christ has prepared for us to reach eternal life,” expressed the Evangelist Pastor Benjamin Chavez, in representation of the Anointed of God, Naason Joaquin, at the moment of presenting the wine sent by the Man of God to the beloved Church.

The blood of the Lord Jesus Christ was shed to seal the new covenant (Matthew 26:28), for the salvation of the repentant soul that seeks to please God and follow in the footsteps of the Master.

That new covenant is ratified again through the Apostolic Authority and through the participation of the wine (unfermented grape juice). The representative of the Man of God announced: “This cup is the new covenant in my blood, which is poured out for you. (Luke 22:20) It is the Holy Memorial, the remembrance of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ made by those who seek to follow his example.

Also, in this year, thousands of connections joined, via internet, to the Holy Supper 2019, in which the presence of the Apostolic Authority signs the validity of the new covenant.

This is the Lord Jesus Christ’s Supper with His Church: the Church of the Living God, Pillar and Ground of Truth, the Light of the World!


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